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31 December 2010 @ 09:51 pm
In 2009 i watched only 112, and read 20 books. I didn't count tv shows episodes, becuase that would be just way too disturbing for some people,:P Anyways, this is the list for 2010.

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09 February 2010 @ 05:57 pm
It's official. I passed all my midterms. I'm soo relieved. And now i have one week winter break and it's so good to read for pleasure, watch movies and tv shows without feeling guilty and just be at complete ease.:] And next week i'll have a party sorta prom like and i'm really excited!

I'm kinda disappointed with how new seasons of Skins and Lost started. Lost bored me most of the time and i found the alternative universe much more interesting, which is weird. And Skins... I'm indifferent to this suicide girl storyline and this season so afr has not enough Cook and JJ. Hope next episodes will have much more impact on me.

But i'm loving Chuck this season. I've always enjoyed watching it, but now i'm completely hooked and i can't wait for next episodes. And Friday Night Lights! It always delivers. Tami, Coach, Julie, Tim, Vince- they're all breaking my heart. Gah. I love this show, i can't believe next episode is season finale.:(

I'm catching up with all films that are nominated for Oscars this year, i'v already seen most of movies from 'the best picture" category and they're all good, but i don't know, they're not brilliant. My favourite so far is Precious, such a heartbrekaing story and powerful performances. Blind Side is a lovely, warm, uplifting film, Avatar has amazing effects, The Hurt Locker was very interesting but didn't really grab me and i enjoyed Education and Inglorious Bastards but in my opinion they don't derserve to win.

Frank W. Abagnale, you're my idol. (yeah, i've just read "Catch me if you can":])
27 January 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Ok, i'm freaking out. Tommorow's economy exam, it will take 3 hours, 100 questions, aaargh! Pray for me.:P
18 January 2010 @ 06:48 pm
Any music recommendations? I desperately need some new tunes.;)
I think i need to shake this journal up a little bit. I miss being here. I miss talking to all my great LJ friends (yes, i'm talking about YOU!).

I just saw that my last note was almost a year ago, gosh. The time sure flew by.

Studies has been greta so far. The location is perfect, the preetiest part of Warsaw. The building is antique, which i like. People are nice, witty and intelligent but i don't have any really close friends like i have from high school, but maybe with time it'll change. Most of my classes are rather boring, but second semester seems much more interesting. Pray for me during exams, next week everything starts and here i am writing an entry on LJ and doing everything i'm not supposed to do.:P I'm learning Russian by the way:D

Fandom talk! I've been very sentimental for last couple of weeks and i've been remembering all the great shows (Btvs, Ats Qaf, VM, Everwood...) and i miss watching them. I don't know what would i do if i didn't rewatch Buffy and some Ats and Qaf this summer.:P it just reminded me once again there are no better shows out there. But some are aspiring to be:D Like Friday Night Lights, i'm loving this season. I also enjoy new House season a lot. With most shows i'm rather behind. I have new show love- Misfits! Too abd it only had 6 episodes.:P

Also. I need some Clois loving.

My note is so random and pointless, but i'll get better at this, i hope.
31 December 2009 @ 05:45 pm
So in 2008 i watched 167 movies and about 800 episodes of tv shows. I also read 33 books. Now, let's beat this!:D This note is always on top.

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Heee winter break! Good to have these stupid trial matura exams over. I got only 57 percent from Polish, which i knew would happen, ebcuase i don't like writing pointless essays but i have to work on that, blee But i'm going to have 90-95 percent from English and about 60-70 percent from geography, which is great for this moment.

My prom is in 3 weeks, so i finally got a dress. LookCollapse )
It's black, simple and elegant, i think, so i'm really satsfied.:) I have to buy shoes and some accessories. And there's also a question about my hair. I'm not sure what haircut i wanna have. There aren't many possibilities for me, since i have short hair and i want them to be loose, ebcuas ei don't like my ears.:P I'm thinking about something like thatCollapse )

It's time for some movie recommendations.:) Slumdog Millionaire for sure, if you haven't seen it yet. It's such an entertaining film. Fascinating story in a very original form, beautiful music and great pictures. But for me the strongest part was a story. I found it really interesting. And come on, it has Anwar in it! Who would have thought that from all the Skins kids he's the most succesful one at the moment?
Revolutionery Road I have a problem with this film. Acting is amazing, Kate and Leo were so believable and their performances were perfect, but honestly i wasn't very fond of the story. During the entire movie they are depressed and unhappy, they're fighting all the time, and while i was watching it i was like "What the hell is their problem?". But acting was suberb and the trailer is very powerful.
Next. Sharkwater and Man On Wire. Two brilliant documentaries. Especially Man On Wire, which is about this French guy whose name i keep forgetting, who set a wire between the towers of World Trade Center and was walking on this wire for 45 minutes. He's such a crazy genius. Amazing film about fulfilling your dreams. And Sharwater gives you a new perspective on sharks. Seriously, i knew so little about shark finning and how important the sharks are to the planet. Definitely worth watching.

I'm really behind with most of my tv shows. And the one i was watching always on time just finished. Friday Night Ligths, that is. The finale was just beautiful. It was the essence of the show. It would be a perfect series finale, but i want season 4, becuase Coach's storyline is just too interesting!
I'm also watching That '70s Show:) I'm on season 3 right now, and i just want Jackie and Hyde together already. I'm getting imaptient here, and i know i have to get through season 4 before Jakcie and Hyde actually happen. Kelso and jakcie are so wrong for each other, why they keep getting back together?

Much love
20 January 2009 @ 03:05 pm
lizzy_maxia HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Wszystkiego naj naj naj kochana. Duuużo zdrówka, samych powodzeń i sukcesów, dużo szczęścia w życiu, powodów do radości i uśmiechu, podróży, góry pieniędzy, życia pełnego magii i pięknej miłości, przyjaciół prawdziwych i takich od serca forever and ever, żebyś zawsze miała jakiś cudowne cele w życiu i byś do nich dążyła, żeby nigdy nie było nudno, zyczę też dużo dystansu i humoru, bo są one fundamentalne, świetnych filmów i seriali, by twoje pary zawsze kończyły razem i byś z każdej walki wychodziła zwycięsko.:))
Much much love. Buźka.
09 January 2009 @ 05:09 pm
*Wow, it's really hard to write a note after such long absence...

*School is ok, but stressful. today i had trial matura exam from polish and it's hard to say how it went. So-so i guess, but i just need to pass polish, i don't have to have the highest score, although i hope i didn't emarass myself with that test.:D

*And next month i will have a prom! I'm so exited for this one. I don't have anything yet. I have to find a dress really soon, because i don't think there will be a problem with shoes with so many preety ones in stores.:)

*As an answer to Lizzy, my birthday was quite nice.:) I feel old now, but well, it's the circle of life.;) I got some really nice gifts from my friends, like pretty cosmetics, shalf, earings etc and some money from my parents. And in the evening i went out to a pub with few of my friends and we just hung out.

*Other than that i had awesome New Year's Eve, like really. I think it was the best NYE ever. My friend, is living 2 minutes from my ivited some people over. I knew most of them and others were really great people so it felt comfortable and just fun.

*Back to fandom life. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IS BRILLIANT. Seriously, it's one of the bets tv shows on tv, and probably my favourite tv show at the moment. Last episode was pure perfection, and it felt like a goodbye. It seemed like series finale, but there's still one episode left. I wonder if it can be any better than the last one. This season was amazing and i'm praying for people to watch FNL, so we can have another season.

And season 8 of Smallville?? BEST EVER. it's like a dream come true for Clois fan like myself. it's even beyond my fangirlish dreams, becuase i thought Clois would never happen in SV, but seaosn 8 proved me wrong and i'm so happy for that. Writers are handling that in a really great way, and i'm dying to see next episodes. And there are rumours that Tom Welling is signing the contract for 9th season! I know many people are alreayd sick of Smallville and can't beleive it's still on air, but this season rocks, and i want more Clois, so i'm all for the next season.

Oh, and i started watching That 70's Show, which is so much fun. I probably won't love it as much as Friends (which by the way i finished during Christmas and i was sobbing like crazy), but it's great already.:)

I hope this post means i'm back, i'll try to be a good friend now, i promise. I'll try.:)

Much love.
31 December 2008 @ 05:05 pm
This note is always on top.
Here are lists of films and tv shows i've watched, books i've read in 2008:)
You can give me some recommendations:D

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